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Civil Engineering Services

Large and complicated constructions such as tunnels, viaducts, underpasses or stations require exact calculations, precise design and detailed drawings. Our Civil Engineering Department, established in 2006, is staffed by experienced drafters and engineers who are able to produce high quality products in accordance with the timelines set by the customer.

Since its formation, our Civil Engineering Department has successfully executed over fifteen projects. One of the largest projects is the Maastricht A2 Tunnel, divided into sixty-five tunnel sections, with more than 20,000 hours spent and 975 drawings produced (dimensioning and reinforcement).

We can provide the following services:

  1. Detailed AutoCAD drawings of viaducts, underpasses, tunnels, buildings, etc.
  2. Project calculation using SAP, ETABS and ESA-Prima
  3. 3D model construction using Allplan and Revit

Download Civil Engineering Brochure

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